Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weavering Away

It was an exciting day today as it was to be our first venture onto a river.

We left our mooring at Little Leigh in quite nice conditions, as it wasn't raining!

Nice scenery before we reached the Anderton lift. Elaine walked the doggies along the towpath

We arrived at the lift, then spent a few minutes sorting out the paperwork.  Thirty mins later we entered the caisson alongside Firefly NZ ...

I had to keep the boat in gear and give it a few revs whilst they closed the gates behind us, it was a bit of a tight squeeze for the mighty Caxton!

And down we go ...

The C&RT man was having a dance as we descended ... !

Out we go onto the River Weaver, lovely scenery straight ahead.

The lift looks like something out of War of the Worlds ...

Very impressive, so glad they saved it.

We headed upstream to Northwich
Tonight we are tied up at Northwich by the town swing bridge.

This afternoon Ray and I went to the pub to watch Man Utd's last home game - it was a great atmosphere.

In the evening Elaine and I walked the dogs around the centre of Northwich ... a little bit sad looking as a lot of places/pubs are boarded up - and also we counted 10 estate agents in the shopping centre!  Afterward we went to the local 'spoons for the Sunday Roastt - that was busy enough for a Sunday night!  We were talking to an old fella in there who had just got back from watching the Man Utd game, he has been watching them play for 73 Years!!!!  He is 80 now and still remembers his first game vividly!  He goes to all the games including the European trips, they are his life, lovely man!


  1. Hi Paul and Elaine
    What's the procedure for the lift these days? Do you need to book in advance to use it or can you just turn up?

    1. You can book ahead but they charge you, or you just turn up and its free! We had to wait about 40 mins all up, so its a no brainer.