Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Starstruck in Lymm

We are still moored outside of Sooty's handlers house in Lymm - as it seems such a lovely village we thought we would stay put and do a bit of exploring.

First things first though is that we needed to pop into the village and get some supplies.  We were in the middle of the village when I said to Elaine, 'Look its Phil and Kirstie'.   We have watched Location location location, plus all the offshoots for years ... we used to drool over the English Villages whilst watching it back in Oz.

We had a really lovely chat with the both of them - they were asking about narrowboat life and both thought we were a bit mental, especially as in giving up the beach life in Oz.  The very interesting bit was that Phil said that his favourite spot in the world is Byron Bay, which is where we are trying to buy a place for when we return to Oz in a few years.  If it's good enough for the legendary Phil it's good enough for us!  Oh, and he is married to an Aussie.

They were a really lovely couple, just like on the TV.  We were absolutely stoked - took us a fair while to get over the excitement of it all ... mind you, our visit to Sainsburys soon bought us back down to earth.

We had to get a pic!!

OK, back to the rest of the day in Lymm.
Elaine unloaded the shopping whilst I fed the ducklings through the side hatch, she has 14 of them!

We then went for an explore through the village and up to the dam ...

Not as warm today, but no rain so all good.

Nice carvings in a tree stump ...

Lovely woods ...

More lovely woods ... and soooo green.

These 200 million year old sandstone rocks reminded me of the Olgas back in outback Australia.

The Olgas are a tad larger!

We walked right round the lake ...

And back through the village....where are Kirstie and Phil?

Amusing sign in a shop window, and oh so true.

We then walked through to the other side of the village and followed the creek ...

Once again very pretty.

Very soon we are off to the pub, then it is Indian take away time - wonder if Kirstie and Phil will be in there!  Oh, sooooo starstruck :)


  1. Hi, I have no doubt the new Crocs, are behind your meeting with the stars,and, you two didn't look out of place in such salubrious company...

    1. I rather think Kirstie would like to have had them away!

  2. Paul and Elaine

    Will you by any chance be in Stockton Heath tomorrow evening? I appreciate that I am not anywhere near the same August company that you now move in but could meet for a beer tomorrow evening. Text me on

    07867 904434


    NB Pendle Wharter

    1. Not sure where we will be, will text you tomorrow

    2. I read that Kirsty and Phil were filming in Lymme and thought if you. Hiw fab to meet them