Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Basin is Full

 I was listening to Radio 2 this morning, they were talking about Croc shoes and what bad taste they are!  This reminded me that I had worn out all my Crocs and needed another pair!  I have been wearing them for years, I love them, they are so light and easy to wear.  I discovered there was a Croc shop in Manchester so we decided we would go and have a look later. 

But first up we had a lunchtime Yum Cha meeting with Ray and Toni from NB Ferndale -  very nice it was too but as soon as we walked down the two flights of stairs from the restaurant I was hungry again!

Ray and Toni headed back to Castelfield Basin whilst Elaine and I went went Croc hunting.  We soon found the shop and, with the the help of the once-again-so-over-the-top-helpful-shop-assistants, a purchase was made.

We had a bit of a wander around the city - the pubs were doing a roaring trade with various hen and stag parties getting started in the early afternoon.

Check out the people outside the pub in the pic below, it was such a great atmosphere, just buzzing ...

When we got back to the boat I decided to take the shoes for a test run ...

They didn't do them in bright colours!
Bombo approved !!

I went for a good walk around the basin, which is ram-jam full.  Since they have re-opened the Trent and Mersey canal at Dutton Hollow the boats have been piling in, including those infernal hire boats packed with holiday makers enjoying themselves, its a disgrace!

We are now staying here 'till Tuesday as we have friends from Macclesfield coming over for a visit tomorrow and on Monday our friends from back in Oz are paying us a visit (they are here on hols).

Tomorrow we must move to fill with water and dump the nasties, but we have a cunning plan ...... ;)


  1. I can't wait to find out what the cunning plan is! (And yes i did read it Baldrick's voice (Black Adder, T.V Series.))

  2. Are you going to do your refill in the middle of the night? Can't see you managing it a 5 or 6am (unless you've been up all night of course!)

    1. Spot on Dot....we can do it, even on a Sunday!