Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Cunning Plan Comes Off.

It wasn't really that cunning or clever, but I have to try and make the blog sound interesting ... it's hard work I tell ya!

So, what was the plan.....first the really difficult bit.....we had to get up early!

Then I had to go and have a cup of tea and discuss tactics with Ray and Toni ...

Then - and this is the really cunning bit - we left our mooring and went to fill with water and empty the sh*t tanks.  Meanwhile Ray moved into our old mooring spot.

When we came back Ray and Toni took off heading to the Lancaster Canal and we slotted back into our old spot. Simples.

There they go, see you in a few weeks guys.

Actually we need not of bothered as a lot of boats have left the basin and only one has arrived ...  but it's always good to have a cunning plan !

Bombo has been shedding fur all over the boat so Elaine decided to give him a clip,
he was not amused.....

He was baring his teeth a lot, but he would never bite, it's just a enough already!

We then both gave the boat a real super duper clean up as we are expecting guests today and tomorrow.

It all got too much so I had to have a sit on the bench opposite the boat and pondered  the meaning of  life ...



  1. Top humour folks, we laugh out loud at some of it! Love the new shoes and even more…love the soap that Elaine gave us (you know, the manly one which gets all the engine oil off and leaves your hands feeling like a maiden’s bum……) I will need to buy some off you when we next cross paths! George

  2. I love my shoes, no one else does!

  3. Hiya, We have just met your sister Lyn???? Walking along the towpath in Weedon, Northampton.....we got chatting like you do and she mentioned "The Manly Ferry" and I was beside myself trying to get our our Little Black Book to find your names......hey presto Paul and Elaine....what a small world this is....hope you are having fun......and hope we get meet up soon x

    1. Wow small world, well we are heading in a southerly direction do we may cross paths.

  4. Bloody hell, Elaine won't loose you in the dark in them there shoes, its a hard life isn't it!

    Ali x

    1. I couldn't get any in bright colours!
      Paul x