Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Walkie no Talkie

We left last night's lovely morning quite late - it was so nice we just sat in the sun for a while and let all the dogs and cats have a run around on the grass, in the lovely sunshine.

Nice countryside before you hit the outskirts of Wigan ...

Going underneath the M??

The shorts have made their first appearance of the year ...

Not to be outdone Elaine breaks out the sandals!

Apparently this is the Heinz baked bean factory at Wigan, which would explain the no naked flame signs!

We passed NB Moonshadow at Crooke - they are also Aussies, they lived 3ks away from us back in Sydney!

They have put width restriction barriers on the footbridges over some of the Wigan locks ... is this to stop fat people from crossing to the other side, due to to weight restrictions on the bridge?     ;-)

Round the bend we go ...

Bombo guarding the boat as we prepare the lock ...

Now this is when 'Walkie Talkie' incident took place!  The gear mechanism has a very high ratio of turns-made-on-the-windlass-to-paddle-raised, so (as I was spinning the windlass rapidly, in a circular rotation) the reciprocating motion transferred up my arms to my man boobs ... they, in turn, started on an uncontrollable up and down motion resulting in the walkie talkie (that was in my top pocket) leaping out into the air ... and guess where it went?  Yep - straight into the lock ... bugger!  

Moving on.....some lovely little ducklings around today ...

Tonight we are moored at Dover Bridge.  This is the first night, in what seems forever, that we havn't had any form of heating on!!!  Long may it last :)

Stop press ... the satellite cord has just called it a day so I can't watch my fave tv programme - 24 hours in A & E.  Time to go shopping I think !


  1. Shame about the Walkie Talkie Paul, perhaps you should get a shoulder holster for the next one. xxx

    1. Should have had it in my trouser pocket!

  2. Trouble with that is if an attractive girly walks by there it is in the canal again!

  3. Our friend from Ormskirk works at the Heinz monster at Wigan.
    Bummer about the 2-way!