Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Uggs Are Out

Elaine stayed in last night whilst I went to the pub to watch Chelsea vs Spurs, it is so good to watch the football in the same time zone rather watching at midnight through till 4.00am down in Oz.  It was a Wednesday night and the pub had a large crowd, they weren't all there for the footy - what recession? 

We would have liked to stay in Lymm for a bit longer, but were getting a bit low on water and fuel so off we went this morning.  

I started off the journey with just a t shirt and sweat shirt on plus my lovely new Crocs, it was a bit too cold for shorts.

Goodbye Lymm, really enjoyed staying there ...

It started to get a bit windy, and a lot colder, so it was time to unpack the goose feathered bubble coat, which had been put away for the summer !

We were soon on the outskirts and going under the very busy M6 ...

Weather progress ... it had now started blowing a gale and feeling a lot colder, so it was on with the wet weather gear.

Nice scenery though! 

I was then losing too much heat through the bald bonce, so I ditched the wide brim hat and it was on with the beanie.  I was starting to feel a bit pissed off with weather change.

Scenery was still lovely though! 

Elaine delivered hot soup to the intrepid sailor, who by now was getting more pissed off ... plus the scenery was crap!

The new Crocs don't cut the mustard in the cold, I couldn't feel my feet so Elaine had to dig the Uggs out of the hold.  I couldn't put them on myself as ....

1. It was blowing so hard that I couldn't let go of the tiller!
2. My hands had frostbite so I couldn't undo the laces of the 'kin Crocs!

(so Elaine did it for me ... said it reminded her of working at the Aged Care home back in Oz!)

The Uggs ...

I hate this 'kin crap weather!!!!

I was now in full winter mode and felt much better.  

We had a look up the Runcorn arm - in particular at the Marina there, where we were given to understand there were 'services' - however it turned out there was no-one in the office today and the Elsan was out of order!  So, we turned about face and went to the Claymore boat services at Preston Brook to fill with fuel, buy another 13kg gas bottle - and they let us use their hose to fill up with water (all this in the teaming rain and gale force winds!)

We gave in just shortly after there and moored up on the outskirts of Preston Brook.  We went for a walk back to Midland Chandlery and bought a new chimney hat (to replace the second one that had gone in the drink recently) plus a new catch for the rear door (which had also ejected itself from the door and flown into the drink recently!).

Then it was back to the boat, to fit the catch, have a very hot shower, catch up on a bit of reading and then had lovely bangers and mash for dinner!  No tele. again tonight - still no sign of a signal - Elaine is pining for Home and Away :)   


  1. For Elaine:
    Provided you still have an internet signal, you can watch Home and Away on itv Catchup on a laptop or tablet. Works really well and this is what I use when we have issues with the tv signal. :)

    (nb Ashdown)

    1. sorry, should read tv catchup not itv. Allows you to watch tv via internet at the same time it is transmitted on normal tv. :)

    2. We do that occasionally but it uses up too much of our GBs