Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Really Good Friend.....

 Elaine's friend, Lesley has been staying with us for the last two weeks.  Elaine and Lesley worked and studied together back in Sydney many years ago and have stayed friends ever since.

She had a couple of weeks spare from her already busy life, so she flew in from Sydney via London and came down to our little bit of paradise in Mojacar.

She didn't come for a holiday per se ... she came to visit Elaine and help us in any way possible.

The last couple of weeks she has cooked for us every day, done all the shopping and has given us both a fantastic break from all the crap we are going through at the moment.

She has been absolutely fantastic and it has been great to have her here, especially for  Elaine who has loved their girly nights in whilst I escaped down the pub.

Today she left us for the long haul back to Sydney.

We have loved having her here, and can't thank her enough for the help and support she has given us.

Have a safe trip back Lesley xxxxx

Saying goodbye this afternoon.


  1. Please respond to the emails from Paul from the UK Waterways Ranking System ( about your apparent misuse of the free system, then delete this comment.

  2. Three cheers for friendships! Thinking of you both, keep strong.
    X Lesley