Sunday, March 13, 2016

I'm Just A Walking The Dog......

Its great having the little car here, but its making me a bit lazy and I have been driving down the beach to walk the doggies.

So I'm now getting into the habit of walking down from the villa along the beach and back up the winding road to home.

This is the view upon leaving the villa, we aim to go to the far right of the beach, it only takes a few minutes as its all down hill.

We then walk the length of the beach either on the beach or promenade. 

Today was quite good I only met four people I know and resisted the invites for coffee in one of the beach side cafes.  

It was then up the hill from the other end of the beach back to the villa.

I will keep doing the hill walk as long as possible, it will be impossible to do in the peak of summer in 40 degree heat!

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