Saturday, March 12, 2016

Day Trip To Carbonares

One of Elaine's friends from Australia is paying us a flying visit. Lesley had two free weeks so jumped on a plane from Sydney to Mojacar via a couple of days in London.

Its great having her here plus she is a fantastic cook, so its extra good.

Today we drove to Carbonares which is  the next town along the coast.

As usual it was a lovely day and a fair bit warmer than the last few days.

We had a lovely walk along the paseo, I walked  Sammie and Bombo whilst the girls had Milo and Banjo.

It doesn't look it on the pic but it is getting a lot busier now. 

We stopped for a drink at one of the many bars along the front. 

There is a gym on the beach. 

Not too shabby is it? 

Its only about a 20 minute drive from Mojacar and part of the trip is over the switchback connecting the two towns. 
It is a favourite road for motor manufactures testing their new model cars, on today's trip we spotted new Porches, Audis, Mercedes Benz and a Hyundai

The other side of the lookout looks towards Mojacar and Mojacars most expensive house, its the little white dot on top of the cliffs. 

That one.....for sale 2.500.000 Euros, not too bad really, we are thinking of making them a cheeky offer. 

We stopped of the way back at the lovely little village of Sopalmo for lunch.

And that was the day over, its now late afternoon and time to head down the pub to watch England vs Wales.

In other news the ships bell from Caxton has been hung above the Manly Ferry! 

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