Friday, March 25, 2016

Everything In One Place

Happy Easter dear reader....

The weather here in Mojacar has really stepped up a notch, it is superb but not too hot.....yet!

We now have all our belongings in one place, the first time since leaving Sydney back in March 2012.

The last of the goods had been in storage in Stockport for a year and before that Sydney for three years! The cost of the storage far outweighed the value of the goods, but most of the stuff was sentimental, therefore virtually priceless.

There were only a few pieces of furniture, they cost us a fortune years ago and we didn't want to give them away when we sold everything back in 2012.

The bonus being that the furniture is Mexican, and suits the Spanish villa well. 

The rest of the crap sentimental stuff is sitting in the garage awaiting unpacking, its like Christmas. 

Elaine is feeling better after the  drainage of the ascites,  she is still very tired but we have managed a few short walks in the lovely weather along the Mojacar paseo. 

So how come we have two Chihuahuas now????....

Well......basically they were dumped after a messy divorce between a Belgium couple,  and were just left on a balcony after she returned to Belgium and the chap didn't want them. They were taken in by a local couple who started looking for a forever home for the little boys, Elaine offered to foster them until a home could be found, it didn't take too long  before a home was found.........HERE!! 

Banjo we named after Diane's (NB Ferndale) late little doggie. He is a apple head long haired Chihuahua. He is a feisty but lovable little bugger.

Milo is a deer head log haired Chihuahua. He is a nervous wreck that is going to need a lot of work, in saying that we have already noticed that he now walks with his tail up and is getting more confident in the big wide world out there. Previously they have had very little interaction outside of their balcony life.

I received a call to say that my dear old mum is back in hospital, she has only been out for three weeks after a one month stay in there.  Its not the best time to head off back to England and leave Elaine here on her own, but Elaine does have a lot of support  here so I will be kept informed by my brother and sisters back in the UK and will jump on a plane if required.


  1. Hi Guys,

    So glad to see you settling in so well. You've found a wonderful place. And great news to see you have two new furry family additions. We are thinking of you both lots and just know that your in the right place with all that sunshine! Sending all our love to Elaine and hope she continues to feel a bit better after the recent treatments.

    Have a great Easter together.
    Esther and Dan x

    1. Thanks guys, enjoy your time back in the UK, we are looking forward to hearing about your next adventures xx

  2. As tom and Jan said we have been reading between the lines for quite some time. Stay strong and live every moment. XXX jennifer and Peter nb Mactra's filia

    1. Thank you, are you back on the boat??

    2. Still in 'Van Dieman's Land' at moment, but off to 'Blighty' in 3 week's time. xxxxx J&P nb Mactra's Filia