Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Settling Back In

We have now unpacked a few more boxes and hung up a few more pictures so the villa is now starting to feel like home.  It takes me a few days to settle as once I have done a trip, I just want to keep on travelling!

I then realise that I'm being a selfish git and that this is the best place for Elaine at the moment, not for the health system as nothing comes close to the NHS, but for her general well being waking to a view as below.

It's medicine that no amount of money can buy ...

And just down the road is this.   I took these pics this morning on my way to get bread and milk! 

It's not bad is it? 

Regarding Elaine's health ... on Monday we are off to see a Spanish Oncologist.  We are taking an interpreter with us so there will be no confusion in the translation.  We don't know what he will say, we both know that she is in  a pretty grave situation but we are as ever hopeful of some good news. 


  1. Thinking of you those views are fantastic, like you say, a tonic for the soul! Take care x

  2. That place certainly is better than any medicine that you can buy. Relax and enjoy it and we hope that Monday brings you satisfying news. xx

  3. Blue skies, sunshine, sand, blue seas - what more could you ask for as soul food. Make sure you write down all your questions before you go to the appointment so that you don't forget anything. Sending love. xx

  4. Hello you two. As the song says always look on the bright side of life. Hugs from Tassie. Jennifer and Peter. Nb Mactra's filia