Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I Can See For Miles And Miles And Miles And......

Its been a very breezy and cool day today, the result being that the visibility is superb.

I took a couple a few shots of the view from the villa, the cliffs to the far right are at Cartagena.

Cartagena is approx 137 kilometres from us or 85 miles!!!

Zoomed in......amazing! 

The MCC (Mojacar Canal Club) has been well received, we have had a lot of enquirers from budding members including a couple from Canada with a canoe and a couple from Australia that occasionally use a lilo. 

I should have mentioned that you do not have to be boat owners to join but an  interest in narrowboats and Guinness would be advantageous. 


  1. Sorry to say that Guinness does nothing for me-now a pint of Titanic Steerage would that let me in?

  2. No steerage in Spain I'm afraid. You can get John Smiths on draught

  3. FAO The chairman of the MCC.
    As chairperson of TBISOD. (Two Brits In Spain Orihuela District) I was wondering if you would be interested in branching out to include SOD under the same parasol?

    Yours Sincerely From
    The SOD chairperson sat on a sun lounger.

  4. No hay problema señorita. Usted es más que bienvenido a unirse.
    Tendrá que venir a mojacar fr una visita xx

  5. Mucho gracias Senor,
    Comprendí que sin la ayuda de Google ! ¡Guauu! Ningún coche es un problema menor , aunque. Sería bueno reunirse para una reunión de la junta aburrido sentado en un bar de playa junto al mar , bajo un sol radiante...
    Even a walk to Aldi turns into a social event!!! There´s no getting away from the sun, sea, sangria and friends. Oh it´s such a hard life.. xxxx

    1. iempo de Navidad sería un buen momento para conocer . Creo que vamos a tener una gran cantidad de miembros de MCC aquí a continuación . Tome el cuidado xxx

  6. I think between us we should be getting a back hander for promoting Spain. Except all we do is share our own experiences of how wonderful life is here. Absolutely no elaboration required! Easy xx