Saturday, March 5, 2016

The MCC......(Mojacar Canal Club)

Last night we went out with our narrow boat friends to a superb restaurant in Mojacar for dinner.
Three courses, plus wine, beer and a tip cost 17 euros per head (£13.00 or $25.00 AUD).
This wasn't a cheapo tapas bar, it was a fine dining experience ...

So rather than the normal chat about inverters and cassette vs pump out heads we talked about the formation of the MCC or Mojacar Canal Club!

The aim of the club is to encourage narrowboaters to escape the long UK bleak winter and spend some time in the sun.

The membership at the moment stands at  the heady figure of eight!! 

Four have already booked their accommodation for next winter and two have decided to stay for the year, probably because they no longer have a boat!! 

So if any narrowboaters out there want to escape winter next year we are here to help!

We can view rental properties for you and give you suggestions re airlines or escape routes should you chose to drive down.

Our fee is a pint of Guinness for me and a Baileys for Elaine!

As a rough guide a nice fully furnished flat with everything you need including bedding for your stay will set you back about 425 Euros (£328 or $631 a MONTH!!).

We hope to see you all next winter!

Oh .... nearly forgot the dress code ... Crocs!



  1. Seems like the perfect life...April to October in the Uk then some proper sun, I have your business card in my wallet !

  2. Hi Paul & Elaine: Do you have to be a "boater" to join. Retired in Canada but a winter in Spain has some appeal. :>))

    1. Some of our best friends here are Canadians from Medicine Hat, they are here escaping the winter, we have also met four other Canadians escaping your winter.
      Boater is not a requirement :-)

  3. Medicine Hat is only 5 hours west of where I am. Thanks for the reply. Was not sure my message got through as was 1st time posting using my google account.