Friday, October 28, 2016

Thou Shall Hev a Fishy When The Boat Comes In.

We had a big sightseeing day yesterday.

First stop was the hilltop village of Mojacar Pueblo, then a few more ks inland to Bedar.

Bedar is a lovely little hilltop village frequented by the artistic fraternity.

We then drove up and over the mountain stopping at a remote bar for a swift one. 

In the late afternoon we headed back to the coast.  
Our destination was Garrucha which is a reasonably large town about 6ks from Mojacar. 

Every morning I hear the boats leaving the port and heading down the coast for a days fishing.
They head back into port about 17.30   six boats were out yesterday, they all return to port line astern.

The fish are quickly unloaded. 

Im no fisherman so I dont know what all the different types were. They also had a lot of prawns and squid onboard. 

The fishmarket is right next to the dock, the fish are put straight onto a conveyor belt in baskets, the people in the stands bid for each basket, as the fish come off the end of the conveyor belt they are covered in ice and loaded into the back of their respective delivery vans. 

Its great you can just wander around and watch it all happen. 

By the time it was all over we were getting peckish.

We headed back to Mojacar walked the dogs then headed down the road for a curry.

Rather than being sensible and coming home after the curry we went for a quick thing it was 01.30 in the morning!!

It was a most enjoyable day, having my mate Matt here from Oz for the last couple of weeks has certainly helped me take my mind off of Elaines passing, I do still think about her constantly and am always running through the what ifs etc.

It is getting easier, it will be interesting on how I feel once Matt heads off back to Oz tomorrow.      

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  1. Sounds like you have had a great time Paul...a welcome distraction and company 😊 Gently does it mate are exactly where you are meant to be.... most of all keep smiling and walking those gorgeous boys ... in our thoughts...have LOVE your recent blogs . Thank you xx