Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas is here !

I love Christmas and Christmas Trees and Tinsel and Baubles and all the lovely 'superficial' stuff at this time of year, so I was very happy to see that the Christmas Tree is a happening thing at Aston Marina .. yay - here we go !!!


It was heavy rain this afternoon but when it had stopped I decided I could take the dogs out for a walk.  Well, I must have gotten a bit too excited at the thought of getting out to see the Xmas tree because when I stepped out of the boat I had taken 3 steps up the pontoon and whhhhoooooska - I found myself splatted (thankfully!) on the pebbles of the boat mooring next door - bloody hurt !  Note to self - get a mat to put on that walkway next to the boat 'cos I reckon it is only gonna get worse !! 
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  1. Looks lovely, just need a bit of the white stuff to go with it..xx

  2. The wooden pontoons are very slippery when wet, though the ones here (Overwater) have just been power washed & scrubbed which has made them very much better, perhaps you should suggest that yours are spruced up !

    1. There are a lot of spare carpet tiles on the boat so Elaine has carpeted the pontoon blue.