Friday, November 23, 2012

What a difference !

Today was a beautiful, sunny winter's day - what a difference a day makes !

My brother popped down from Macc this arvo - so he very kindly put some UK plugs on our aussie plugboards.  My brother is a biomedical engineer and electrician so didn't like us keep using our little adaptors for our aussie plugs!  Now we are all sorted in the electrical department !

As regards the leaking relief valve we had a look at it and Trev released a pipe that was holding quite a close grip on the back of the switch - so maybe, just maybe that was the cause of it.  It did stop dripping quite so much after that and also Trev gave it a bit of a blast out, so maybe that cleaned it out a bit !  Anyway, I think that is what happened - I wasn't the one with my head upside down in the engine 'room' (or getting wet!).  I will keep my eye on it this week anyway (and my ears out for random pump noises!).

Apart from those two chores that he did for me, we had some lunch, ate cakes, drank tea, had a lovely chat and took the doggies for a walk around the marina.  They especially like a bit of earth on one of the banks of the marina - there must be loads of critters up there because there are kind of open looking burrows everywhere - too small to be rabbits and not mole holes, so I don't know what !  Bombo was getting very involved with his head down one hole today - we thought he was either about to get his nose bitten or come out with a furry creature in his mouth !  I would like to have a 'night cam' to see what exactly is up there !

A lovely day - hope the weatherman is not right about the weather changing again over the weekend !

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  1. Well done brother Trev. I diagnosed from 50 miles away and was not too far wrong.