Monday, November 19, 2012

Paul's Lovely Week

I have just read Elaine's lovely week so I thought I had better do my lovely week!

I flew up to Byron Bay, which has always been our favourite Aussie holiday destination.

The reason for the trip was to look at buying a property up there, at the moment the prices in the region are about half of that of Sydney. We don't intend heading back to Oz any time soon but feel its probably the right thing to buy property again rather than being at the mercy of the fluctuating interest rates, as in always going downward!.

We have friends that live near Byron, and they kindly put me up for a few days on their lovely property. 

We popped  in to see my friend's brother, who has had a very nice house and pool built recently.

The beach was as lovely as always ... 

Mount Warning which sits behind Byron in the hinterland, it was named by Capt Cook on 17th May 1770.

Elaine and I climbed it a few years back!

Did I mention the nice beach, and it was 37 degrees!

Byron is the most easterly point in Australia, on top of the headland sits the famous lighthouse.

Oh, and did I mention the nice beaches at Byron, plus some are even dog friendly!! 

Now I am back in Sydney, counting the days to returning to the UK and carrying on with the great narrowboat adventure, plus trying to solve the mystery of the exploding hair straighteners!!


  1. I read both posts and I prefer your lovely week! You are also correct in your thinking about property, plus Byron Bay is lovely - why can't I do that! Re the hair straighteners. Only a theory, but if they were used on the inverter, which might be a quasi-sine wave output opposed to pure? Then they sometimes don't like inductive loads, but could also have problems with a resistive load, which those straighteners may have been. Then again, in he marina you would have been on shore power?

    1. Hi Peter
      It is a pure sine wave inverter, but as you guessed was running off shore power anyway. Elaine used hers a few months ago whilst we had the travel power running, they blew the 250amp fuse! They are also now now buggered.
      What I cant make out is why do you need straight hair!

    2. Oh you just had to outdo me didn't you?!!! Bloody show off! PS: We don't use them for straightening - we use them for making waves !!!! Elaine x

  2. Replies
    1. Found lots of nice ones that had just sold!

  3. Both weeks sounded fab, either would have done for me!