Sunday, November 25, 2012

It ai'nt half hot, Elaine!

I have been in regular contact with my beloved Elaine through the wonders of Skype, and it appears that the weather over there has been a bit here is my weekend in sunny Sydney......

On Saturday I gave my mate, Matt, a hand in servicing / painting / repairing his cruiser, although I tend to think it was more of a supervisory role - as in, I didn't do a lot! 

The boat was on the slipway in Manly Cove ...

The main reason for the slipping was to repair the numerous holes that were punched in the hull when it came adrift in a recent storm. The insurance company knocked back the claim because it was classed as in an unusual event! Boat...Sea...Storm...pretty normal if you ask me. So whilst the boat was out of the water it will also be antifouled, the drive and engine serviced, plus the topsides touched up and polished. 

The slipway belongs to the Manly Cove Launch Club; it sits in a superb position in Manly cove. 

I took this pic from the slipway looking towards the beach, the block of flats on the right of the pic are the ones that I lived in when I first went to Australia in 1980.  

It was a really hot day, so a dip was needed every now and again to cool down - now that is something you cannot do when blacking your narrowboat!!

On Saturday night it was out for an Indian with some old friends.  I have become a whinging pom as I keep saying "How Much??" when looking at the prices in the menus!  When I get back to the UK I am going to post some of the menus of the restaurants we have been to in Stone.  I don't quite know when Australia become so expensive!   I know the exchange rate has a lot to do with it, but even taking that into account Australia is very expensive to this whinging pom!  

On Sunday morning I went for a ride in the motorbike, which was very nice but in the leather's just a bit too hot, not that I am whinging....

Sunday arvo I caught the bus down to Manly and met up with an old mate (Graham) who lives in Manly but used to live in my hometown of Luton.  We went down the Skiffies, drunk far too much and sorted out the world's problems.

So another weekend over, Manly really is such a fantastic place with magic weather and plenty to do etc., but by Christ I do miss Elaine the boys and the boat............... :-(
Oh and the shitty cold weather...

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