Friday, November 9, 2012

My very own Truman show !

If you have seen the film the Truman show you may remember that Truman ventured out into his world each day to be greeted by lovely, happy, smiling neighbours - everyone friendly and helpful in his perfect world ...

Well, that was how I felt today !!  I went down to Stone this morning - mainly to go to Morrison's.  I noticed that everyone (well, most people) had a smile as I passed them by (I noticed that yesterday and in the past too!).  All around I could hear people having their little repartees with each other, which made me smile too !

When I was walking around the supermarket, I noticed a cleaner behind me - mopping up some spilt milk - he joked that it was me spilling the milk but I had a look and found that my milk was fully upright - so he carried on looking for the culprit who was messing up his store!!  He was very efficient !

A few aisles down one of the Managers was behind me looking at a trail of milk behind me and we concurred that it was indeed my milk that was leaking !!  So - he took my milk and promptly returned with another one for me !!

Then another few aisles down I was choosing some fish, when another Manager asked me if I needed any help - he added that the fish were now in boxes, where they used to be hanging up!  I replied I didn't know as I hadn't been to the shop before, to which he welcomed me to the store and hoped I would enjoy my shopping experience, adding that if he could help me with anything else he would be absolutely happy to do so!  Wow - customer service, par excellence !

A few aisles down I met the cleaner man again who was laughing with one of his colleagues about the milk saga ... I interrupted him and apologised to him saying it was my milk after all - to which we had a little titter and carried on our ways !

What a lovely, friendly town Stone is (and what a wonderful supermarket that was - a very pleasant experience!) ... although I did start to have those 'Truman' delusions - ie, could this really be a real place !!!

To add to my wonderful experience I dropped into Aldi on the way back.  In Sydney Paul and I only ever went into Aldi once - because it was very stressful (the tension in the shop there was palpable) and they tended to throw your shopping along the conveyer belt until it skidded back into your trolley at the other end ... wanting to move you along as quickly as possible - if not faster!  Today there was a similar arrangement in place, but the angst was absent - in fact there was a feeling of calm in the store and the checkout girl was passing things along at a reasonable pace too - and was very pleasant to boot!

In the Marina, the office and shop staff are lovely, the neighbours are lovely and everywhere is perfect - maybe someone has been putting drugs in my tea - I wanna know where the cameras are!!  (If you havn't seen the Truman show you will have no idea what I am on about !!).

Ah well ... time to get to my perfect bed with my perfect cats and dogs xxxx

PS:  The man in the kitchen shop told me a funny one today - we were talking about internet shopping - he said he didn't 'do computers' - adding that someone once told him to go 'on-line' - and when he did a train came along !!    Har har :)

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