Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A new pet !

He he ... not, really - I just knew that heading would get Paul panicking !!

Here is my new 'pet' - I found him on a bag I had just pulled out of the fridge - whether he had been in the fridge with the bag all night or whether he had just jumped on board I don't know, but I thought he was kinda cute !

The other day I declared it Christmas (again!) and have put the reindeer ears on the car !

It is getting colder so Sammy has been wearing his new bubble coat ...

Doesn't look too impressed does he?

I had to pop to the 'hole in the wall' yesterday so took a couple of pics of the Stone Xmas lights ... very pretty !

I was awoken in the night by the moon - so I decided to take some pics of it - but by the time I had decided to do so the clouds rolled in !  Still pretty impressive though ...

I had promised my friend Krista that I would do a meditation this morning at 7 am, so I took this pic to send to her as proof that I was up and about !!  (This is the last full moon meditation before 21 December ... but I won't go there !!!)  I had also told another friend I would meditate on world peace today, particularly Middle East - so a double whammy !  Bet Paul is glad he is not here !

This morning took the boys for their walk - Bombo had his head in one of those holes in the field near the marina again - he was having a right old time - and here is the evidence ...

The water levels are all back to normal in the marina, so that is all good!  This arvo I am off for a Bowen treatment - I think I have been doing too much crouching in the cratch !
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