Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jack Frost cometh !

I'm really just posting these pics for Paul to see what he is missing!  I'm sure English people don't need to see any more pics of frost :)

Anyway - here was the Marina at 8'ish this morning ...
(yes, I was indeed up and about at the 'crack of dawn'!!!!)
If you look closely you will see Ray from NB Ferndale out walking Banjo ...

Our top box - not on the top at the moment - covered in frost ...

A bit hard to see the Marina buildings this morning ... or the Christmas tree !

The swans came in for some brekky ... wonder if they feel cold ?

Even Jaffa (cat) ventured out this morning - to see what the white stuff was (the cats have never seen frost / ice / snow before) - but soon came back in licking his paws and got back in the bed!
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  2. Frost! I got bloody sunburnt today, I am the pommie tourist!