Sunday, November 25, 2012

Water's up !

This morning when I opened my eyes I noticed that the cupboard door and the bedroom door were both hanging towards the port side - an unusual sight and made me instantly suspicious of what I would find when I got up !  When I walked through the boat I felt quite drunk - I was on a tilt !  Yikes !  I got my glad rags on and jumped out of the boat and quickly loosened the ropes (not an easy job as Paul had tied the boat up very tight - not wanting me to drift off while he is away!)

At about 10am Alex, the Marina Manager was doing his first lot of rounds for the day checking on everyone's boat and loosening ropes where needed - good man !

The boat next door is not usually this high !  The rubbing strip on our boat is now sitting about 4 inches or so above the pontoon - last night it was a few inches below it !

I took these photos this morning to show that this metal drainage thing at the front of the boat (not really sure what it is) was nearly under water ... 

The front of our boat sitting higher than normal ...
Bombo looking on - why is there such a big jump down the other side now ?!! 

Later in the day - completely submerged !

We started to tilt again this afternoon, so had to go out and re-adjust the ropes again.  I noticed Alex was doing his second rounds of the day too - keeps him busy this water level stuff !

This is a pic from the bridge in the Marina ... you can just see in the distance where the river has encroached on the land again - creating a nice big lake ... 

... bit hard to see but water all round !

Took the dogs for a few soggy walks today - Bombo found himself a swan feather and wasn't letting go of it for anything !

On my way over to the shop I took this shot ... thought it looked nice - plus shows where the water is in relation to the pontoons ... usually there is a good gap between the top of the pontoons and the water level !

On the way back to the boat, I noticed that I felt really small going past all the boats !  They are usually sitting nicely in the water and now it looks like they are about to jump out - they are kind of 'tall' now!

When it was getting dark I was struck by how calm the water looked and liked the reflections of the boats ...

Well, as I write this we seem to be sitting straight - we will see what tonight brings!  I was talking with a chap today and he said in July the water was up and over the pebbles on the moorings, so we have a way to go yet !!  I just did a weather check out of my window - wind is getting up again and looks like fog creeping in .....
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  1. Hiya

    Hope you are ok, we called in at Crick today and the water level is up about 8", fortunately our ropes have been slackened off, and we thought we had left 'plenty of slack' in them!

    Ali x

  2. Just spoke to her on skype, she said water level had dropped a bit but more rain forecast!
    Paul x