Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Busy Busy

We only had one night down south on Monday as we had to be back at base for deliveries, pick ups and dentist appointments.

Before we left our overnight mooring at the pub in Kings Walden (see previous post) we went for a walk around the local fields.

The landlord's dog greeted us outside the van ...

Apparently it's a Canary Island Fighting Dog!!

He was a gentle old boy and way past fighting!

It was a lovely warm morning for a walk around the lanes but by about lunch time we decided we had better head back to Bolly ...

A couple of miles from our idyllic, overnight spot we were driving through the centre of Luton ...

It was certainly a change of scenery ...

Today, 'Lady Deborah' was driving down from North Yorkshire to pick up the wingback chair and footstool she had bought from us on Ebay.

I wasn't expecting her to turn up in a small convertible with her dog (Betty) though!

The stool was jammed in front of the dog and the chair behind it!
She wasn't at all fazed about it ...

All packed up / crammed in and she was off back to North Yorkshire, very happy with her purchase!

She was one crazy lady ... nicely crazy though !

No sooner had she left when our boxes of stuff arrived from Australia ...

These boxes have been in storage in Sydney for the last three years ... now at least we have all our worldly goods in one country!

The dogs inspected the boxes ...

After all that excitement we went to Stockport to check out a storage depot, where we will once again have to put some stuff in storage as we can't fit it all into my mum's place and there isn't much room in the motorhome!

After that, we had to make ourselves scarce again for a while as the Estate Agents were bringing someone around to view the house.  To make best use of our time we made a quick trip down to the motorhome to fit new bedding and then we headed off off to Bosley to empty the motorhome cassette.

The day finished up with Elaine going to the dentist for a check up.  She is not happy as she broke a tooth and has to have the whole thing refilled!

It was one of the busiest days we have had in months but we finally feel like we are making progress towards the next leg in our 'life journey'!!!

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