Friday, May 1, 2015

Knickers, Skid Marks and Holey Tights

I was up early this morning to get some coal from the local coal merchant for Dot and Gordon who were moored up on the Bolly aqueduct.

Next up I drove Elaine and her Sis to Alderley Edge where they explored the charity shops whilst I watched the procession of flash motors driven by surgically enhanced blond bimbos!

We had a nice lunch in Alderley sitting next to some Man City players!

Later in the arvo Elaine decided we should go on a bike ride ... and, having borrowed three bikes from Trev, Elaine's brother, we were all set ...

Elaine's sister's dress wasn't conducive to bike riding so was quickly tucked into her knickers by Elaine!

It started off well with me on my trusty steed, Elaine on her small wheeled lock wheeling bike and Julie on Elaine's new bike (borrowed from Trev).

It was all going well as we cycled along the Middlewood way ...

Julie hadn't ridden a bike in years and was going very well until she swapped bikes with Elaine ...

The small wheeled bike doesn't handle the bumps and rough stuff as well as the big wheeled bike.

Julie hit a rough patch, skidded and threw the bike into the hay bales!  The bike survived the stack OK but Julie's knee and tights didn't!

We rode on for another mile or so then we decided to return to base.

Once back to base Elaine fixed up the knee then we retired to the Spinners for a few pints followed by fish and chips...... Another wonderful day!

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