Friday, May 1, 2015

Painting Dog Turds!

More walking yesterday, with Elaine's sis. this time we walked along the canal and back along the Middlewood Way.


When we reached the viaduct across Bollington we came across a strange phenomenon.


For a 200 metre stretch the dog turds were highlighted in yellow paint.

Perhaps that is the idea to highlight the turds of the irresponsible dog owner.  

Me and sis on the viaduct.

Final one.

So I have now reached low.....a blog post about dog turds.


  1. Never mind a blog post about dog turds, I recently watched a TV programme about the same thing, and that was about highlighting them in paint, done by the local council dog wardens in an attempt to shame the owners who allow it to remain on the ground. Still fail to understand those owners who do scoop it up into a bag, then hang the bag in a tree. Wierd!

  2. It must be the latest craze as we've seen loads recently along the towpaths but sprayed fluorescent orange.