Monday, May 11, 2015

Marvellous Macc Moorings.

Macclesfield used to be one of the most user -UNfriendly places to moor on the whole canal system - the moorings were run down, it was too  shallow to get close to the bank the rings were non existent, they were a right mess..........

Not Any "Moor" !!!

They have installed some really nice floating pontoon moorings next to bridge 37 ...

They are well and truly anchored to the bank ...

Depending on the length of boats you can probably get about 6 boats on them ...

All the continuous moorers have been cleared off the opposite bank so there is plenty of room for boats to pass ...

You can still moor on the other side of bridge 37, but the mooring there are pretty rough.  You may well have a run in with the grumpy bastard that lives here ... he still has his cameras trained on the mooring (there are two cameras positioned around this back gate) and is an absolute nutter!  You can read about the run in we had with him back in May 2012  here.

So now there is a really nice place to moor up and check out a really nice town.  It is still a small hike to the town centre, but well worth it.

N.B. Macclesfield council paid me very little for this blog post! 


  1. We loved Macc when we visited on holiday in a hire boat back in 2008, those new moorings definitely look welcoming, we spent two days moored here and found the history of the mills fascinating, it's on our list to return to.

  2. A great step forward for Macc mooring BUT only 24hours so very little time to explore Macc. We should be passing thro Bolli on the 22nd, at last!
    Ken and Sue nb Cleddau