Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Planning Starts

Just for a change we are trying to get some sort of plan together for when we leave the house on 17th June.

First up we have booked the motorhome into the Poynton camp-site from 13th June to enable us to live somewhere whilst cleaning out the house.

On Saturday 27th June we are heading off to Anglesey in the motorhome to stay on a site with a couple of friends.

On Saturday 4th July we leave Anglesey and travel down the Welsh coast to Llanfendigaid, where we will stay in the middle of nowhere for a few days.  (We stayed there once before in the previous motorhome - but hopefully we won't be getting bogged this time!)

On Wednesday 8th July we will leave for Pembrokeshire where we we will once again stay in a campsite in the middle of nowhere - this time with a water view!
View from Pembrokeshire site.

On Saturday 11th July we leave Wales and head towards London where we are booked  into the Crystal Palace site from Wednesday 15th July, so we will stay at some Britstops on the way to the best city in the World!

We leave London on 22 July and head towards Coventry to watch my favourite niece show jumping at the Stoneleigh championships.

We leave the the horsey do on Monday 27th August heading towards ... maybe Kent?  Not sure yet!

Back to the present ...

Yesterday we drove down to Milton Keynes to pick up my mother, who is staying with us for a couple of weeks.  Whilst down there we cleared out her storeroom and some cupboards to make room for our stuff that we need to put into storage.

We will soon take delivery of bits and pieces that we had stored in Australia. At least then we will have everything in this country.  We will still have to rent some storage space but hopefully it won't be too big a space as I hate spending money on storage!

The Estate Agents have also been busy booking up some viewings on the house, so we will have to keep it all clean and tidy amongst the packing and sorting!

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