Thursday, May 7, 2015

Voting and Stuff

I voted today, I won't mention who I voted for though ... C'mon the Blues!! 

It was very different from the Aussie voting experience.

In Australia when you arrive at the polling station all the different parties are outside thrusting pamphlets into your hand, trying to get you to vote for their party and if you are voting for their party they tell you how to fill out the ballot paper.  Also, there is usually a BBQ going on and it's all a bit of a party atmosphere.

Here I turned up expecting a  similar situation this morning ... how wrong I was!  The place was deserted, I was the only bugger in there!

There is one major difference, in Oz it is compulsory to vote.

Once the voting excitement was over we took mother shopping in Macclesfield.

Then we stopped off at the motorhome to see if mother would be able to climb into the bed should she join us on our travels at some point.  She has a dodgy leg and we wern't sure she would be able to climb up the steps to the back bed.

Unfortunately she climbed into the bed with no problem!

Once back at base I spread out all the old Subbuteo teams I bought back from mother's house ... I am going to flog them on eBay.

I laid them all out in their boxes and spread the pitch out with Man Utd playing Spurs but Bombo invaded the pitch and George Best disappeared up his bum!

After that fun-packed day we have retired for the evening with a very nice veggie lasagne, made by the wonderful Elaine!  

Tomorrow we have to get out of the house at 10.30 am as the Estate Agent is bringing someone round for a viewing - so we will be up at the crack of dawn!!

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  1. I sold all my Subbuteo on eBay. I was lucky enough to own a mint rare rugby set as well, with a spare All Blacks team. All made good money. Sat in Barcelona Airport reading this on our way home. Off to Anglesey in the Rapido on Wednesday.