Sunday, May 3, 2015

Farewell Sis xx

Elaine's sister headed off back to Kent yesterday (Saturday).

Before we took her to the station we went for one last walk around Bolly.

We had a wander through one of the graveyards, where I noticed that this poor lad had drowned in the canal at Bollington Through Sliding on December 27th 1890. 

I guess the canal must have been frozen and the poor bugger fell through the ice!

Early afternoon we went down to Macclesfield railway station and bade farewell to Julie as she headed off home on the high speed Virgin ...

Later in the arvo I went over to the pub to watch Man Utd. but we won't go there!

Whilst I was over the pub a young girl knocked at the door and asked Elaine if she could have a look around the property sometime over the weekend, so Elaine gave her a quick tour!   It has only been on the market for a couple of days, check it out here.  It's not a bad little house, it's in a great position in the village, it has parking for two cars which is incredibly rare here.  The downside is that it is quite dark in the winter and it has no garden to speak of.

Today Elaine has started packing bits and bob s, whilst I have done a couple of little jobs on the van.

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