Friday, May 8, 2015

Searching For Tarts!

As there were a couple of viewings of the cottage today we thought we would make ourselves scarce and go looking for tarts.

...40 mins later we arrived at Bakewell, home of the tart.

One of the bridges crossing the river has been covered with love locks ...

Bakewell is a lovely spot in the Derbyshire Dales.  It is usually packed with tourists, but as the weather was a bit dodgy it wasn't too bad ...

We had lunch in a nice pub, then carried on with our walkabout in the search of tarts ...

Aha we found them, mother popped in and bought six of them!

Not sure what's in a Huntsman Pie, but ...

.....this is an Australian huntsman!  They used to frighten me to death but they never bothered Elaine so she was the one to catch them and chuck them outside.  Boy can those buggers run fast!

Mission accomplished!


  1. Oh no you've got the wrong Bakewell...
    that's TART alright but the PUDDING is
    IMHO by far the more superior delicacy :)

    1. It wouldn't have had the same ring to .....In search of pudding!

  2. Oh No Mr Macey! You is showing your ignorance you don't have a tart in Bakewell you have a pud! Surprised they served you a tart, must be for the 'tourists' he he