Monday, October 10, 2016

A Glimmer Of Light

When we took over the villa in December last year, the chap left everything behind and I mean everything, included in all the goodies was a motorbike.

In any other county it is a simple job to change the ownership, but this is Spain and they love their paperwork and bureaucracy.  Before I can even consider putting the bike in my name I had to get an NIE number, it is basically a identification number for us immigrants. I had applied months ago and was on a 3 week waiting list, then of course the kaka hit the fan and we returned to the UK.

I had  an appointment in Almeria 2 weeks ago to apply for the NIE and today I picked it up, I now have to wait about another 2 weeks whilst they send away the paperwork to put the bike in my name, its a good job I'm not in a hurry, plus after all the things that have happened lately I dont get stressed over such trivial matters. Even the Spanish just shrug their shoulders and say its Spain get used to it!

And here it is....A bit of paper.

I have been getting a bit more done in the house, I changed Elaine's massage room back to a bedroom, it was sad doing it but it was just a waste of a room, I sold her trusty massage table to a local chap. 

My friends down here have been fantastic, I am invited out nearly everyday but decline mostly as I'm still not completely ready for going out everyday, I do go out a few times a week and the company is great, we have good chats and they all understand completely when it gets too much and I bolt up the hill to my seclusion. I met up with an old School friend from Luton who has a unit down here, he flew down two weekends in a row, so we had a good catch up.

I have been back down Ankara with some friends and Bombo, its a really cool beach bar with some great music, if the demand is there they are going to keep open during the winter, I really hope so. 

I bought a case of Landlord with me from the UK, I'm down to the last two bottles.

I sat up on the terrace today and knocked one back, its still very warm so I only stayed up there for 30 mins, then it was back into the shade. 

This is my place from the track above, as you can see going from a narrowboat then a motorhome I have so much space to swing a lot of cats. I am very lucky and really appreciate living here, I dont know how long it will be for, but at the moment its perfick. 

I have also given the van a good sort out as I think I will take off for a couple of days. My best mate Matt from Oz is coming out on October 17th for a couple of weeks, I think he is looking to have a good break, he is in charge of the Sydney Ferries maintenance division has been overseeing a multi million refit of one of the Manly ferries so it will do him good to de stress.  

One of Elaine's nieces is currently working in Marrakesh for a few months so I'm hoping to fly over there and check it out and catch up with her, just got to sort out some dates and flights.

So overall I think I am slowly getting there, still miss her of course and always will but Im starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of a very long tunnel.


  1. Hi Paul, it´s a very important piece of paper is that! Glad to hear you´re ok.
    Heth and Dave xx

  2. Good to hear you are coping and taking each day as it comes Paul....always in our thoughts xx