Monday, October 24, 2016

When Bombo Attacks!!

Cadiz was a disaster, not only was the weather atrocious and the bars not dog friendly, we also managed to park up for the night  in probably the noisiest ever motorhome parking spot!!

We didn't realise that we were very close to a nightclub, it kicked off about 02.00 and went on until 07.00. The music was absolute crap, all doof doof. We did manage to get some sleep but were woken by the crowd going home at 07.00  as lovely as the Spanish are, well some of them, they are without doubt the noisiest bastards in the world, add a few drinks and its mayhem!! 

It was also blowing an absolute gale, and pouring with rain, we checked the weather at our next destination (Seville) and it was much of the same. We then checked the weather back in Mojacar.....sunny and 27 degrees, it was a no brainer, lets head home.

It was a nice six hour drive passing through Granada. 

As we got closer to the Sierra Nevada mountains the weather changed for the better.

We arrived home in the late afternoon, we left all the gear in the motorhome as we will go away again soon, as in tomorrow. 

We jumped in the little Citroen to go down to watch a band, bugger flat battery, I have a powerpack so we jumped it and away we went.

It was a good night, after watching the band for a while we headed off to Titos to watch another band, we finally finished up the night in the local chinky.

The car once again needed jumpstarting.

This morning we decided to go and buy a new battery after walking the dogs, this when the horrific attack happened!!

When Bombo is in the car or the van he becomes incredibly defensive of it, whilst I connected the jumper leads to the battery Matt opened the door to start the car, as he leaned in Bombo attacked him and tore his arm to shreds......well he bit him!!  There was a smidgen of blood, I was incredibly concerned but couldnt stop laughing.

Meanwhile a film is underway...

We now have a new battery and all is well.

The rest of the day we chilled, its Matt's birthday today so we went to the beach in the arvo then we went to Maui bar for  cocktails on the beach, tonight we are going out for a romantic dinner......nothing wrong with a bit of Bromance!

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  1. Ha ha...brilliant blog long is your mate with you for ?