Thursday, October 13, 2016

Taking The Motorhome Out For A Few Days

Life is still good, I still cant put my finger on why all of a sudden I start to feel more optimistic, my theory is that it has finally sunk in that she has gone and I have to carry on without her. Strangely I have just started dreaming about her which never happened at all in the first couple of months since Elaine's death. 

I have been down the beach a few times, the weather this time of the year is superb, bit more about that later!

I have also been going down to the Emerald Isle on a regular basis, having a beer or two and watching the football is very therapeutic, especially watching the England football team....groan! 

The last two Wednesdays I have gone to Scotty's bar where they hold a quiz, I have joined a team of poms and good friends that has now grown to 13 players, because we had so many we were split  into three teams, last night all our three teams came second last on 38 points!! We are a very evenly matched group of dimwits!

As I am pretty much up to date with getting all Elaine's stuff sorted in he house I thought it was about time I went on a road trip.

I took the motorhome to the quiz last night then when that had finished I drove to the Emerald Isle and parked it up opposite on the sea front. I didn't have to far to go after having a few drinks in the pub, just across the road!  

Whilst in the pub I had a late dinner!

Bombo fell asleep at the bar!

The plan was to get up early and get moving, but in the night there was a massive storm, it absolutely bucketed down with mega thunder and lightning...very very frightening me, Galileo, Galileo, Galileo Figaro... 

By the time it had finished is was nearly 10.00am, it was the first heavy rain in four months!

I took the dogs for a walk along the normally pristine paseo before I headed off, all the crap had been washed down from the hill across the pathway, the workers wont blow that away with their leaf blowers!

I headed off to my dear Elaine and mine favourite spot, La Carolina beach, it is very popular with the European motorhome crowd, there is a servo just a few ks away where you can dump your waste and fill with water so it is a perfect spot.  Can you just imagine somewhere like this in the UK or Australia for that matter where you can park up for absolutely nothing, no time restrictions, dog friendly, a baker comes around in his van in the morning with fresh bread and cross ants etc.

Its a nice 40 minute drive up the coast, it was still raining lightly when I left so the roads were a bit slippery.

By the time I had moored up at the beach the storm was heading away over Aguilas.

They have built a new stairway down to the beach since we were last here. 

I went for a good walk with the boys along the clifftops, there is also motorhome parking in the next cove. 

Bombo led the way whilst I walked behind with Sammie, who is getting better but I fear he will never be 100% again, but there is no way I want to risk an operation on his spine and have a paralysed dog or worse, I have had enough bad kaka this year to last me a lifetime. 

There is also a beach bar that is still open so I will pop down later and partake in a couple of bevies. 

As I am finishing this up the sun is now out so the solar panel will be soaking up some rays.

Life is good XXX


  1. Good to know you are doing well. It is I am sure what Elaine would have wanted. xx

    1. Its exactly what she wanted me to do xx

  2. You're right Paul, life is good, it really is. x

  3. I wonder if Elaine is 'getting through to you' now via your dreams, this is wonderful.
    ann nb oakfield

  4. Well done for doing some excellent reframing Paul, seeing things differently in the knowledge that Elaine would want you to see joy in your days will support you.

    I'm not so sure about the cross ants though ... They could cause a problem lol! I'm often caught out with how words get changed mysteriously into something totally unintentional when writing. It did amuse me :-)

    1. Oh Cross ants was intentional, always called them that, cant be doing with this French nonsense!

    2. Lol, well there you go! It certainly made me smile this morning ;-)

  5. Hey This is good news!! Keep busy and hope the sun shines rather than those nasty storms and bad taka! Take care

  6. Glad to hear Elaine coming through in your dreams Hun...certain she is always with you.. ..your love for each other was the real deal you will never be far from each other... The road trip sounds great ...Love to you an the fur boys xx