Friday, October 21, 2016

A Most Excellent Adventure

After yet another full english in the van, this time cooked by Mattie we headed off to the rock leaving the dogs in the van. I had checked the weather and it was going to be an overcast day , which was good for leaving the doggies behind.

We wandered through the streets, deliberately not going in any shops!

We found the Trafalgar graveyard which is the final resting place of some of the casualties of the Battle of Trafalgar.

For some strange reason we decided to walk to the top of the rock!!

The views going up were stunning. 

The moorish castle, not moorish as I want some more but built by the moops moors in 1500s 

We walked higher to the WW2 tunnels but the tours were all fully booked, so further up the rock we went.  

Mattie having a rest. 

The views were superb, it would have been even better on a sunny clear day but I dont think I would have made it if it was hot! 

Next stop was the Great Siege Tunnels, we spent about an hour walking through them. 

After that we headed for the summit, I would have to say its the hardest thing I have done in years.

I wasn't out of breath but my legs started to turn to jelly.

We met a lot of the monkeys on the way up and had to squeeze past some of them on the narrow steps.

It is a fantastic view once you get to the top. 

It was still quite misty so we couldn't see Morocco. 

After resting up the top for a while we caught the cable car down.

Once at the bottom we stopped at the Lord Nelson pub for a couple of pints and dinner.

We had a clear run back to the motorhome, back across the runway. 

We are moored up in the marina, these are our neighbours. 

We will head off tomorrow, just not sure where yet!


  1. Great pubs in Gibraltar and very cheap spirits, Lovely place one of our favourites was it easy to park the motorhome??

    1. Yep parked in the Marina by the airport, 12 euro a night including water, elsan and waste disposal...bargain

  2. Wow....what a day !! Sounds and looks brilliant 😊