Friday, October 14, 2016

More Of The Same...

I have had a lovely day today.

It has consisted of walking the dogs on the beach.

Having a swim. 

Reading and just laying in the sun. 

More walking the dogs 

I just love it here. 

I also polished the front of the van and removed all the dead bugs.

A lot of vans are here now, but they are all a nice bunch. 

There is a young French couple opposite me, I feel very sorry for them as they dont seem to be able to afford any clothes and walk around bollocko !! I have a good mind to complain!!  

I went for a drink at the little chiringuito (beach bar) and got talking to a lovely couple from Southport, they are taking their motorhome across to the Canary Islands for the winter.

They are moored up in the next cove, so I walked around there tonight for a chinwag, they told me of a good motorhome parking spot at Gibraltar, so that's the next trip sorted. 

It was pitch black when I left them, I forgot my torch so they lent me one of theirs, otherwise the walk back along the cliff top could have been a bit dodgy.

I will head back to Mojacar tomorrow.

Its been a lovely couple of days it would obviously have been so much nicer to have Elaine with me as this was her favourite spot. Unfortunately that's not going to happen anymore, but it has done me the world of good to get away. 

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