Thursday, October 20, 2016


We were up at a reasonable hour this morning, after the full English in the van we went for a swim in the med, we were only parked up a few feet from the sea.

After a tub under one of the beach showers we hit the road to Gibraltar.

We only stopped once  for fuel so we were in Gibraltar or should I say la Linea by late afternoon.

The motorhome parking area is a few hundred metres from the border crossing, it cost 12 euro a night which I reckon is a bargain.

We took the boys for a walk over to Gib and had to wait behind the barrier whilst a BA plane took off back to London. The road to the rock crosses the active runway so it makes an interesting crossing.

The military band was getting ready to take part in the ceremony of the keys, rather than hang around and wait to watch it  we went for a drink.

Tomorrow we will have a good look around the rock, We are going to leave the boys in the van as they were getting quite tired today, and tomorrow we want to have a good explore.


  1. How do I get my comments to you? I have been trying for months arghhhh

  2. Sounds a great start to your road trip Paul 🤗xx