Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Off To Gibralter

My best friend from Oz arrived Monday. I have known Matt since 1996 when I gave him a job at the marine workshop that I was running. He is now the head man of the Sydney Ferries maintenance division.

He was coming over to give me  some support since Elaine's death, plus to give himself a break from a very  demanding and stressful job.

We have had a couple of days just chillin, eating and drinking, but today we decided to jump into the motorhome and head off on a road trip.

We decided to head off towards Gibraltar, but by the time we had stocked up the van with food and booze it was 15.00.

We drove down to Cabo De Gata where we parked up on the beach.

There are only three motorhomes here and it is lovely and quiet.

We went for a walk along the deserted beach.

Then it was time to sit in a beachside bar and watch the sun go down

Tomorrow we will head off to Gibraltar.

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