Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Appendicectomies and Canals !

Well - there was a turn up for the books - didn't expect to be getting my appendix chopped out when I started off last week !   I must apologise about my husband's graphic details of my bodily functions ... too much info! However - a reality of life!

I was thinking about it all and I figured that my having my appendix out now is the 'Universe / God's' way of making it 'plain sailing' for when we do get on the Cut !  I can't imagine having to find a hospital and dealing with all that emergency stuff in the UK (I hear the NHS can be very trying these days !) but then not being able to lift anything more than 5 kg for 4 - 6 weeks - that would mean I would be totally off lock duties and have to drive the boat for 6 weeks (what a terrifying thought !!) - or be moored somewhere for 6 weeks!  So - thank you God, for getting that out of the way for me !! :)

Paul is in Amsterdam as I write this ... he rang before and said he had just slept for 13 hours !  He nearly had a heart attack driving from Milton Keynes to Luton (!) - said the traffic was just stopped - said he could have walked quicker !  However, he made his connecting flight to Amsterdam with minutes to spare!  He probably overdid the adrenaline there - no wonder he slept so long !   He will be attending the Boat Show with his boss for a few days now, before returning to the UK and doing some other visits over there - also with his boss !

I'm having a week or so off massaging, till things have settled down - so I am having a bit of a holiday myself ... which the dogs are loving !

The House ...
As regards the house - still no takers !  We had another open last Saturday - two couples through but no interest !  Boo hoo !  Please, God - now that my appendix is out of the way, can we sell our house and get on the Cut ?!!

Our friends are going to come around this Saturday and help me to clean up - mostly needing help with mopping and cleaning the pool and the garden - so it shouldn't take too long.  I feel another 'thank God' coming on ...

Thank God for all my beautiful friends and family who help / offer their help / send their love at these tricky times.  We are completely Blessed ! 

That's my lot for now !  Toodloo - Elaine x


  1. Elaine, we feel exactly the same way! Just buy our house so we can go!!! Good luck to you both.

  2. Ok - you buy ours and we'll buy yours ... hmmm nah that don't work either ! Darn, we will just have to wait ... how bizarre will that day be when we are all actually THERE !!! XXXX