Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Elaine is a bit Crook

Elaine has been feeling a bit crook since about 2.00am on Tuesday morning, she had been complaining of stomach pains. When I got home from work Tuesday night she said she had spent most of the afternoon in bed as the pains were getting worse, the area of pain had moved to the lower  right area of the abdomen, so we thought we had better go to the local medical centre as it was looking a bit like appendicitis. Ten minutes after a quick diagnosis by the quack we were off to the emergency department of Manly hospital. We arrived at about 7.00pm and by midnight she had been seen by 2 doctors and 3 nurses, upshot being they were going to keep her in so they could monitor her vital signs etc.
I went home had a glass of red and went to bed at 1.30am!
I went up to see her before I went to work and by then the surgeon had been to see her and said she was going to have an CT scan and a ultrasound to make sure it was appendicitis. At 2.00pm they had completed the tests and confirmed it was appendicitis. It is now 5.00pm and they are operating as we speak. She will be kept in overnight and should be released at lunchtime tomorrow (Thursday)

Now this is the bit where it gets a bit spooky....5 years ago I was just about to go off on my annual UK/Amsterdam business trip and Elaine was diagnosed with the big C! Thankfully after they had operated it was found to be a benign lump! 3 years ago she broke her ankle a week before  was due to go, and now this. I am supposed to fly out tomorrow but have postponed it till a Saturday afternoon flight, she should be OK by then but if she isn't I will can the trip.

We also had a hot prospect coming to look at the house today but I had to put them off as the house looks like a shit fight at the moment, at least I can get it ready Saturday morning before the open house, and then off to the airport.
I came home from work early today as  the poor dogs had been locked in all day and were busting.

 I also jumped in the pool to 1, cool off on a bloody hot day and 2, clean all the Jacaranda flowers out of the pool.
Why o why would you plant a Jacaranda next to a pool? Every early November it blankets the pool and I have to clean the pool and filters every morning and night, the rest of the year once every couple of weeks is suffice.
There is an old boy who lives behind us and loves sitting on his deck looking at the Jacaranda, he is the only reason I haven't chopped the bloody thing down

Bloody Jacaranda

This was taken 5 minutes after I had cleaned out every flower, by tomorrow morning it will be completely covered!
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  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Elaine!!!
    Nb Caxton

  2. Hi Paul,
    Hope Elaine is feeling better soon... there's a moral here... don't tell her when you are going overseas then she won't get sick... hopefully :)