Thursday, November 3, 2011

Selling Houses Australia & other Stuff

We had another meeting with Mr Real Estate last night, he also brought along his side kick, Tonto, as Mr Real Estate is off to Bali for a couple of weeks.

We had a good long chat on what to do next and why the house had not sold yet.  The main reason for not selling is because we are on a slope and the majority of people don't like steps!  So, last night I counted them, and guess how many steps.......12!!  So they like the view but not walking up 12 steps to get it, plus we don't have a lot of lawn just natural sandstone rock and bush.

We had to laugh when he said that the house was 'quirky' and needed a buyer who was a bit arty!   Don't know what that says about me ... when it comes down to art I wouldn't know my arse from my elbow! Elaine is arty because she has a brother in law who is a brilliant artist. (You can see his website by clicking here !)

The upshot of all this is that we will carry on advertising for another 6 weeks, albeit in the smaller black and white ads, plus the Internet (click here to see the ad!).  If it doesn't sell in the next 6 weeks we will take it off the market until the day after Australia Day - Jan 27th 2012 and start all over again!  Yawn !

The good news is that the bank rate dropped by .25 points 2 days ago which is the first drop since April 2009 - plus we have noticed that more houses are being sold recently, so still confident but it is such a pain getting the place ready for its Saturday open days!  Last Saturday was bit of a disaster because I went out with the works boys on Friday night for a Oktoberfest night, so after ending up upside down in a urinal and losing my mobile I wasn't a lot of help to Elaine getting the house sorted on Saturday morning!  My head healed about 1.00pm and someone had handed my phone in at the pub ...bloody honest these Aussies!  The open day last Saturday was a non-starter (after Elaine had toiled all morning getting the place sorted) ... one couple turned up .. and they didn't like it ! We were depressed to say the least !  Mr Real Estate reckons people don't like seeing the house next door, so we are looking at getting some screening put up !

Another good thing was that  Elaine got her car back from the panel beaters looking all nice and new again - it had a bit of a problem with the windscreen not being fitted correctly but that is being rectified today.

I would have to say the insurance process was so easy - one phone call, in which I explained that the car had been vandalised but didn't know when or where, and that was it - no forms to fill out, take it to a panel beater and get it fixed plus no loss of our no claims bonus, total bill was nearly $7000.00!  Glad we didn't have to pay that lot !

This weekend is all go!  We are going out with friends to a charity do on Saturday night, borrowing a mates Triumph Tiger on Sunday to go on a Motorbike ride and finally to a Thai restaurant on Dee Why beach with the ex- pat Pommie contingent on Sunday night ... maybe we will be celebrating selling our house - fingers crossed !!!!!

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