Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Thoughts On The UK

Well I am sitting here in the business lounge at Heathrow, awaiting my flight to Oz ... I got an upgrade to business class, so very happy.

My thoughts on this brief trip ... I had written out a long detailed list but the PC just scrubbed it so I will have to a condensed version !

1. Being back with my tribe

2. Family

3.The countryside

4. The history

5. Fantastic pubs in the towns and the country and of course dogs welcome in most, downside, too many sprogs allowed in pubs.

6. city in the world, always busy.   I was amazed at the pubs and restaurants were packed during the week ...what recession?  In Sydney they are busy during the weekend but weekdays, nope!
I loved travelling on the Thames clippers; my God, those boats get some stick, and I found out they are made in Australia! I spoke to some of the crew, they love the boats but said the heating system was crap; my answer was they don't need heating in Australia!

7.Driving - the roads are too crowded but the driving is 1st class, which is my biggest gripe about Australia - even more than dogs being banned from everywhere is that the drivers are CRAP.  I wish the Australian authorities would send their road safety experts to the UK to see how drivers are trained properly.

7. The canals of course, the list isn't in any particular order so i don't mean 7th best!

I will do a more detailed blog when I get back with some pics, but one thing for sure I hope we can sell the bleedin' house and get back here asap!  I totally know it is the right thing to do.  Nothing wrong with oz (apart from the drivers) but the change is long overdue!

All aboard and off we go.

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