Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sand Spurge and dog walking on the beach ...

What the ?  This article in our local paper made me see red this morning ... apparently we are not to be allowed a bit of a beach to walk our dogs as there is some endangered sand spurge there (?) - you can read the article here ...

I don't know why they just don't say they don't like dogs and don't want them anywhere ... would be a lot  more honest !

Well, that's on whinge for the day - another is that NO-ONE turned up to our Open House today - waaaahhhh !!

Signed ... Depressed of Sydney xx


  1. Oh, goodness. We feel for you guys. It's awful to have nobody looking isn't it. We had hoped to hear back this week from a couple that have been here 3 times. They aren't in a hurry and they know we've been waiting a while. Ho-hum.

  2. Yeah - it's kinda 'crushing' ... it's not so bad if even one or two come through but no-one just does my head in ! Sounds like your couple are playing the game ... like us, I guess it will all happen all of a sudden ! Good luck ! El x