Friday, November 18, 2011

Health Care in UK ...

... for us types wanting to move back !

My brother sent me a link to the following article ... shows that the 'emergency only' treatment is to prevent health tourism (I often wondered how the UK was coping with all that !).  It's an interesting read ... 
Also this info - again, from my Brother ... is also of interest re. health care entitlements ...
We must remember to keep all our selling and buying documentation when we do get to move ! 

Paul, the House and Shampoo ... 

Well, Paul is still away but heading back to the UK from Amsterdam today (ish!) -- off to Poole with his Boss to see some people.  He sounds like he has been having a nice time - and catching up on plenty of sleep, which is good ! 

Our stand-in Real Estate guy bought a couple of people through yesterday to have a look but rang today to say that one couple really liked it but are worried that when they have children and want the parents to look after them, our slope and steps up to the house will be too much for them - bla, bla, bla !! Note to selves ... always buy a flat block in future !  Ah well, another open day tomorrow ... please, please, please send us a buyer ! 

This morning, I thought I would try to make some doggie shampoo (I've been making soap for a while but never tried the shampoo!).  My recipe was a mix of Poly Decyl Glucose (from Cornstarch), Xanthan Gum, Geogard Ultra, plus Cider Vinegar, some ground oats and some essential oils.  
Sooo many bubbles left after washing up all the shampoo-making pots !
At first, I thought it was a complete disaster because it went all gluggy and wouldn't pour, but now it's not so bad - it settled down a bit in the fridge, so I washed the dogs with it.  They loved it !  Usually, when I wash them, they go mental, running up and down but after I washed them with this (to leave it on for a few mins) they laid down and waited for the rinse ... remarkable !  A success after all - just looks a bit odd !!  
Clean and Happy Dogs !!
Right - that's enough playing for one day ... I'm off to wash the walls in the backyard, brush the leaves, do a bit of pruning and clean the pool out ... Elaine x


  1. Dont my boys look good
    Its 7.30am Friday and we are just about to go to the airport and Southampton/Poole

    Paul xxx

  2. Hi Elaine
    Your two dogs are the perfect size for a narrowboat (but don't tell Floyd and Fletcher I have said that...)you will get to keep the majority of the limited space for yourselves and you can put them in the galley sink to wash them..result!!
    Re. the house sale - why is your agent wasting your time and the potential buyers time if 'steps' are going to be an issue? Surely the BIG asset you have are views and you can't have views without a bit of elevation.

  3. I know - Lesley - it is very frustrating ! I think the Real Estate's view is just to get them in, 'let them fall in love with it' and then let them work it out ... we just need someone to 'fall in love with it' ... again ! Fingers crossed as ever !! El xx