Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sydney Airport

Blogging from the Qantas business lounge at Sydney Airport waiting for the flight to the UK via Singapore,  I have to change planes in Singapore within a 1hour and 15 minute time frame so I hope the bloody thing isn't late, they are both Qantas flights so they generally wait if the first flight is a bit late.

I made the final decision to go on the trip this morning as Elaine had a good night's sleep and this morning her bodily functions returned to normal, if you know what I mean ... 5 days is a long time between No 2s!!!

We had to get the house ready for yet another open house, we had a bit of a role reversal with Elaine doing the dusting and very light work whilst I cleaned the floors, deck, hoovering and cleared the fu%&ing Jacaranda petals out of the pool.

Elaine just texted to say there were a few couples going through the house.....please buy it, the next time I want to be at this airport is with Elaine, 2 dogs and 3 cats and off to a new adventure!

All aboard we are off......  


  1. Paul
    Elaine is going to kill you for discussing her bodily functions!

  2. Just spoke to her from Singapore, I asked her had she read the blog, no was the answer. She may change it hehe.
    The next leg to London has been delayed by 5 hours...should land about 10.00am Sunday :-(

  3. Hmmmmm yeah thought about changing it but hey that is one of life's realities!!!! Poor Paul he will be exhausted when he gets there ! Myself I've never slept so much in all my life !! Elaine x