Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sorry NHS !

My brother has put me right on my comments on emergency treatment with the NHS - so I retract my previous statements ... sorry NHS !!  (It actually sounds like it would have been better than here ... I didn't get operated on for 24 hours and never, ever met the Surgeon who apparently did the op. - and who I paid for privately !).  I will meet him next week, however, for a follow up - but I will pay for that too !  Elaine xx


  1. I have to agree that the NHS does a great job, in an emergency. We get over from Oz each year for a 6 week canal fix on our share boat, and a few years ago I broke my leg at Diglis Lock in Worcester. The team at the local hospital were fantastic. They plated and screwed it and I've had no trouble since. NO cost under our national reciprocal agreement and terrific treatment.

    BTW, I love your Blog banner pic of Napton on the Hill. But it's an old photo, the bottom lock cottage has now been sandblasted back to the bricks.

    Regards and stay well, Roger

  2. Hi Elaine. The only problem with the NHS that you may face when you arrive back here is that even as a UK national with a passport, you will still only be entitled to free emergency treatment on the NHS. Any follow up or non-emergency treatment will have to be paid for. I have previously discussed this subject with both Elly and Mick from 'narrowboat dreaming' and Tom and Jan from 'nb Waiouru'. I believe this kicks in if you have lived outside the UK for over 3 months, but I don't know how or when the NHS entitlement comes back into play. There is information regarding this on the NHS website.

  3. Thanks guys ! I will just have to bring my full herbal dispensary for all the little ailments we get along the way !! All these little things to discover ! We had a terrible time a few years ago when Paul had gastro - couldn't get in with the local GP for love nor money - they were really rude and just wanted us to go to the hospital ... which he couldn't cos he was too crook. It was a bit scary as we were due to fly out the next day - anyway - happy ending - he got better in time ! (I rubbed garlic all over his feet - which made him feel even sicker !) but seemed to help ! El x