Thursday, November 10, 2011

Elaine Update

After having the CT scan it was confirmed as appendicitis and the offending appendix was removed Wednesday.
In the words of the eminent surgeon "It was very infected and manky"  Because of this they kept her in another day to pump her full of anti-biotics  so she should be released today I hope. She seemed in very good spirits last night which was good.
She is still in the EMU section (Emergency Medical Unit) which is where the patients are assessed after being taken out of the Ambulance, it is amazing how many nutters are unloaded I feel for the doctors and nurses that have to handle them.
I have taken today off work so I can give the house a good clean up before I pick her up, this of course is in anticipation of a successful open house tomorrow! Although the news coming out of Europe is a tad gloomy.
Still got my flight booked for tomorrow and am pretty optimistic that I will go, we will see how er indoors copes today when she gets home. So I will now have a whole day in England before going to Amsterdam, never mind as long as I can get down to the 3 Locks for a pint and a canal fix
I am now going to take the dogs for a good walk around Long Reef. Poor Bombo he is really missing Elaine and is constantly looking for her, Sam couldn't give a toss!    

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