Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dogs meet snow!

Brrrr - wot is this stuff ?!
Yesterday we were up in Macclesfield, Cheshire - a beautiful spring time day - in the snow !! We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw it snowing in the morning - and as it carried on during the day, we saw it settle in the hills (Pennines); so, in the afternoon we went up to Teggs Nose Country Park to check out the snow falls with the dogs ... their first viewing of the fluffy, white stuff !
Sam in the snow !
View from Teggs nose over to Macclesfield Forest
Sammy up to his elbows in it !
Not too impressed !
Anthony, Bombo, Sam and Elaine
Paul and Elaine and the boys - dressed a bit differently to a week ago !
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  1. I've had a busy few days and only just sat down to read about your first few days. It's so exciting to read about the start of an adventure just like the one we plan. It seems so close that I can't almost taste it! You both look so happy.
    We had a visit from Ray on Sunday (Gypsy Rover / Ferndale). All the narrowboat talk gave us a boost.
    Hope the dogs settle in quickly.

    Ps. Your old email address is cancelled. Can you email me so I have the one you're using now?

    1. Hi Guys
      All going good here, we are back on the boat tomorrow, I'm pining for her already. A bit colder than we thought it would be, thank god for the good quality bubble coats we bought from Katmandu.
      New email... pomsinaus@gmail,com

  2. Great to hear and read about all yours and the boys settling in news and glad to hear it's all going so wonderfully! Jane and Olof