Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lazy Rainy Days

Yesterday was by far the wettest day we have had here since arriving 3 weeks ago, so what did we do........

We laid in bed and checked emails etc until ....very late morning, we stayed on board nearly all day but did manage to register with Tesco home delivery plus Elaine cooked a apple and blackberry pie and made some wholemeal bread.

I also tried to open a bank account with Barclay's bank to no avail, it is quite strange to be treated like a ....terrorist, money launderer or illegal drug dealer. All I want is somewhere safe to put my money, I don't want to borrow a cent, just drip feed in some money every now again from Oz. Nationwide said apply again in 6 months and Barclay's were not interested.

I am a UK citizen by birth have no criminal history apart from apple scrumping in the 60s oh and and a couple of speeding tickets in Oz. As I have said before its no biggie as Elaine kept her UK bank going for the last 18 years so we are using that, it just gives me the SHITS to be treated like a criminal, Australia is built on a  criminal history but is is bloody easy to open a bank account.

In the afternoon my niece Kimberley and her boyfriend Chris paid us a visit, after a bevy on the boat we went up the pub (for a change) We also stayed up there for a very nice dinner (At a cheaper price than a takeaway in Oz).

Back to the boat to watch Chelsea vs Barcelona which Chelsea won 1-0, so much nicer watching at a sensible time with a drink in hand rather than getting up at 4.00am and watching the game before work.

Today the weather has cleared so we went for a good walk around the village and fields, and tonight I rather suspect we might go up the pub!

Me, Kim and Chris, plus doggies of course.

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  1. Haha - know what you mean about Nationwide - I have an account yet don't have a current statement - tried to do internet banking and cos it's been such a long time since i opened the account, I couldn't remember where and when I'd opened it, so they wouldn't give me any info or access!!! So basically they've got my money and I aint getting hold of it! Kxxxx