Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Friends and Relos

Amanda, El, Bombo, Paul and Pete 
Last Friday we had our first visitors from Australia - Pete and Amanda plus Amanda's mum and their 2 kids.  I worked with Pete at Vauxhall Motors in Luton back in the 70s; he emigrated to Oz in 1981 just after me and we have been close friends ever since! 

 They came to see the boat at Yardley Gobion, we then went to the pub for lunch (for a change).  It was good to catch up with them all - they are half way through a 5 week trip. 
We went back up the pub on Friday night, brother Russ came over for a few drinks.....have we mentioned that we like the Coffee Pot pub at Yardley Gobion?!   (The Barman / Manager there doesn't believe we will ever get going on our trip !!).

Friends, kids, dogs, pub - what better ?!
 On Saturday morning we were up bright and early... not!  We set off for Milton Keynes about 10am and when we got to Cosgrove we passed Adam on Briar Rose; we had a chat and he helped up through Cosgrove lock.  (It was good to meet you, Adam!)
We arrived outside the Giffard Park pub at about 2pm, we moored up and walked round to Russell and Tracey's house. They dog-sat the mutts whilst we borrowed their car and went shopping ... such fun :(
Giffard Park Pub
By the time we got back to the boat, brother Martin and his family arrived to check out the boat followed shortly after by sister Jackie and her family, we now had 10 on board - a record!

We all rendezvoused later at the pub ... the Macey clan had now grown to 17!  A good night was had by all.   
Tracy and Russ
Sister Jackie and her daughter Hayley
Sister Lynne
Russ and his son, Phil - eating a disgusting dessert !
Brother Martin, Russ and Jackie
 We had a bit of a lie in Sunday before heading south down the Grand union for a few miles and chucking a 'u-ey' and heading back towards Yardley Gobion. There really isn't much room to turn Caxton; I had the bow right into the bank and only had about a foot at the stern when she was half way round ... I would hate to get her jammed across the canal, plus there was a boat moored very close to the winding (turning) hole, also it was fairly windy ...all good fun though and all adds to the experience!

As we approached Cosgrove we were met by sister Lynne and her son Liam, who were out for a walk.  They jumped on board for a quick trip through the lock ... at which time it absolutely pissed down - complete with thunder and lightning! We were all drenched!  The great thunder claps must have been to announce Elaine's 6th time of doing that one same lock since we have had the boat !!!

We moored up for the night in Cosgrove.  Lynne and Liam went off home so we went for a walk around Cosgrove, we were going for a pint in the Barley Mow, but they wouldn't let the dogs in ... boo-hiss!  Never mind, back to the boat for home made Pizza and a glass of red !

After our trip from Milton Keynes, I also bled one of the radiators so that is now working well; on the downside, one of the zips on the cratch cover broke, the slider snapped in half ... bugger. I'm not sure if the slider can be replaced without replacing the complete zip - so will have to do some research on that!  If anyone has any suggestions on the zip issue they would be appreciated!

Tomorrow we will travel a few miles back to the Marina at Yardley Gobion, before we set of on the big cruise Tuesday or maybe Wednesday...... 
Driza Bone against the rain - and yes, the occasional sun! 
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