Friday, April 13, 2012

Last Connection with the Civilised World!

We had a strange night's sleep last night as we were going to lose our last connection with the civilised world ... our hire van had to be returned on Friday morning.  We both felt that losing access to a vehicle somehow makes you feel more vulnerable and some what stranded ... this would be my first time without a car for 40 years!
Anyway, up bright and early 8.00am! I returned the hire car to Bletchley and they kindly drove me all the way back to Yardley Gobion - excellent service!

By the time I walked back to the boat it was a case of ...'what the hell are we worried about ... this was always the plan'; Elaine felt the same.  It is spooky how we are always thinking / feeling the same thing!
Nice little Kangoo
 We decided to go for a run in the boat, as we decided there was no point in hanging around the marina, plus it was a lovely sunny day.
We kitted up the mutts in their new life jackets and headed off southwards towards Cosgrove ...
We trundled along at 2.1 MPH, according to the GPS, through
the glorious countryside.

We were soon going under the ornate bridge (that everyone photographs) into Cosgrove...
Sammy and Bombo enjoyed the ride sitting on the roof in the life ring, although Sammy still freaks out with some of the engine and general prop noises, I'm sure he relates the noises to sitting in the hold of a Jumbo Jet  for 24 hours!  Poor little boy - hopefully, he will get used to it !

Elaine walked for a while on the towpath, she also masterfully handled the 1 lock of the day!!

Tonight we are moored up just south of Black Horse at Great Linford, we went up there for a swift half after taking the dogs for a walk and are about to go up again for another couple, along with my brother, Russ and his wife, Tracy.


  1. I feel I must correct you Paul; You have just joined the civilised world rather than cut connections to it...
    The dogs look happy but how are the cats settling in? Look forward to meeting you all on the cut, perhaps this winter who knows?
    take care

    1. The cats have settled in really well, they were all outdoor cats back in Oz so we never needed a litter tray, now we have a litter tray.....well it needs a lot of emptying....

  2. Just catching up wit the blogs - so glad that you're here and enjoying the life.

    Hope to meet you on the cut one day - we're cruising in/around London this year but I expect we'll be heading north on the GU in 2013.

    Give us a shout if you plan to come South...

    Best wishes and good luck

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream